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~ ~ ~ ~ “DSC_2432a When meeting Jan for the first time, we discussed  an issue that I was trying to solve of a particularly stressful nature.  When carrying out the shiatsu treatment Jan noticed that my arms were  very knotted and stiff, and mentioned to me that it may feel  uncomfortable for a bit. It didn't, it was more of a relief feeling,  the knots leaving instantly, whilst not having been consciously aware  that they were there in the first place, added something very special to this experience. I asked Jan what the significance of knotted arms  means, she stated it was: "locked up emotions", which connects very  well to my situation. My arms and whole being felt very different after Jan's treatment, I felt energetically charged compared to before the  treatment. I woke up every 1.5 hours that night which i never do, the  stressful issue had raised to the top of my mind, by the early hours I  felt a power come over me that empowered me to deal with the situation.  I experienced a block dissolve that was causing me to be fearful, and  was therefore holding me back. This all happened in the space of the  night time since I had the shiatsu with Jan.
I would heartily  recommend Jan to everyone, she has the magic touch. And also like me,  you may not know it's there until it's taken away.

Male - 20’s


I have to admit, I was so sceptical about Shiatsu but after Jan treated  my leg (broken last summer and not healed properly) I have had amazing  results. For the first time in a year I'm able to fully bend the knee  which will make a huge difference to my climbing.I



I have been having Shiatsu with Jan for about a year. I can honestly say it has changed my life.
It is both relaxing, yet energizing, It's not massage, yet my body feels  very different afterwards, as though I have been massaged (quite  rigorously sometimes!). I know it may sound strange but it's true!  Shiatsu has given me a sense of grounding. during a traumatic time of my life. It has been essential in the maintenance of my physical and  mental wellbeing. I always leave with a sense of calm and a strong  resolve. Jan is empathetic and she has amazing insight. Her positivity  is contagious.
I consider her to be my Super Shiatsu Ninja Guru!

Sharon x


“"In one session i gained so much and it  carries on working throughout a space of time ~ i have more than one  problem & only told about one specific one I’d wanted to deal with  that was paining me for months ~ it's like having your body read - i was told about all the pains/problems that I didn’t talk about and had  healing in many different areas,

I went  in from being in agony and emotionally impaired and came out with a  tremendous 'happening' going around my body I woke up the next day in a  happier state than I’ve been in a long time - the urge to carry on and as time went by the problems loosened, refreshed and my long term pains  have all gone ! but then i WANTED to heal which helps a lot - i have  endeavoured / experienced / tried out / acknowledged / experimented and  watched many different techniques throughout a short lifetime in  comparison to what’s on offer out there and I truly believe that Shiatsu  is the best and most comforting/comfortable healing out there - I wish I could explain to more people that it's MORE than just a massage it's a whole body healing process mind and spirit - you don’t have to be a  spiritual person or have any set of practices or beliefs you just have  to tell your story and begin a journey within your body with your  therapist to discover health and happiness - I feel that strongly  about the healing powers and the benefit I’ve had from this one session  that i could carry on ....."

Female - 30’s


After enduring a four year psychologically abusive relationship I suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts and low self esteem. I had lost my 'joie de  vivre' and had difficulty finding reasons to wake up in the morning. I  visited Jan for one year and it changed my life. Jan helped to heal the hurt from a broken heart and helped me to release suppressed emotions. I now find myself waking up early, feeling truly blessed and ready for  the adventures life has in store for me. I would recommend Jan to  anybody suffering from depression, involved in an abusive relationship or looking to optimize their inner well being so that they appreciate life to the fullest.

       God bless Jan and thank you to her for her incredible work and healing capabilities. My life turned 180 degrees."

                                                       AW - Female - 20’s 


I had no real idea of I didn’t  know what to expect when I booked a Shiatsu session  with Jan. I'm glad, because to be honest I wasn't expecting much more  than a pleasant, massage-like experience.
The experience was a total pleasure, I felt looked after, cared for and Jan's energy is so bright and  delightful as to be contagious in an exceptionally lovely way.

The proof was in the pudding however, when I arose the next morning only a few  hours later. I was no less than astonished at the dramatic improvement  in my hip, which had caused me chronic pain for many years. If I lived  closer I'd be booking a monthly appointment on that basis alone. Many  thanks Jan, I certainly learnt something with you.

DK - Male - 40’s


Jan has treated me about 5 times now, I don't know much about Shiatsu  but I know that it works for me. I have suffered from bad periods all my life. Last treatment I had she worked on this problem and ever  since I have had no pains, or PMT or headaches like I used to have.
Jan has also worked on other problem areas that I have, and I always  feel alive and able to tackle the world after my treatments, She has a very nice, calming energy, and is totally professional, yet  approachable.  I felt no embarrassment discussing my health issues with  her.

I cannot praise Jan highly enough.

J.F. - Female - 30’s

“I had been suffering with severe wrist pains for a year. It started in January 2010 and Costa Rica 2 (100)at first like many people I ignored it thinking it’s nothing but by July I started noticing swelling in the wrist area with the pain getting worse. I had all sorts of checkups from x-rays to ultrasound but the doctors told me that everything looked normal. By the end of the year I felt frustrated, angry and depressed. It was affecting my whole life and simple things like washing my own hair became difficult.

A friend of mine suggested Shiatsu and by this time I was willing to try anything. Going in I never thought just one treatment would relieve my pain so much. All the swelling had gone down completely and I saw an 80% improvement in my wrist mobility.

Jan was so kind and sympathetic and really understood my needs. She worked on all areas of my body and made me feel at ease as soon as I met her. Shiatsu has helped me immensely and I would recommend this to everyone as it helps with total mind and body harmony.

A, Female, 20's

Go on – give it a try he said!” This was my mate Pete egging me on to give Shiatsu a try for the first time. Believe me, Pete is the most cynical, sceptical guy I have ever known in all my 60 odd years. Despite his normally disbelieving attitude to all things mystical and unproven there was a driving force of determination in him to get me across the threshold into the skilled hands of an unknown woman called Jan!

Pete had watched me for several weeks suffering with severe back pain which had affected my legs painfully making walking painfully slow and difficult.

My doctor had consigned me to the ‘waiting for Godot’ group with pain killers and mutterings about my bodily mechanics having worn out – until I mentioned having private medical insurance when suddenly an MRI scan became possible!

The MRI scan came up with spinal stenosis – there it was on the screen as the consultant pointed out to me.  He wanted to cut me open and play games with my spine with doubtful consequences and risks to my quality of life if it went wrong - risks that I didn’t fancy taking.

That first half hour with Jan was pleasant enough and she worked on my left leg mainly.  The session ended and I could not really feel that anything much had happened – still it was fun.

Every morning, getting out of bed was painful- but two days after the first session I suddenly found my left leg easier and more flexible.  Why? What had I done?  Absolutely nothing, except that Shiatsu session with Jan!

I didn’t really believe it but the pain was so bad that anything was better than nothing.  So I went back to Jan.  Then back again and back again – and every time there was a gradual improvement – sometimes small and sometimes noticeably significant.

The laugh is that I went back to the Doctor over something minor and he asked about my back- I told him how that morning I had got to the station late for the train – it arrived as I got my ticket – I sprinted along the platform, dashed up the steps, over the bridge down the other side and leapt into the train as the doors closed. Phew!

Hearing this the Doc looked at me solemnly and said “Mr Harris. May I advise caution? You are 66 years old you know.”  Well maybe but all I could tell him was I did not need his pain killers and Shiatsu was the only remedy applied to my problem! We had a chuckle together and I left the mystified Doc to ponder over it all.


Nearly one year later I am still late for the train - still sprinting over the bridge and getting on board – no pain - normal walking and even running – and still enjoying Shiatsu – not as a necessity or out of specific need but because I have come to appreciate that Shiatsu, in the right hands, brings about a sense of well being and keeps my not so young body mobile like that of a younger man.

What amazes me is Jan’s knowledge and ‘knowing’ of the body and her skill of application.  The results are obvious and so beneficial.  Whether you are in specific need or just need a ‘lift’ to a better level of well-being cross the threshold of your doubts and follow my advice (oh, and Pete’s!)  “Go on – give it a try”

A few weeks ago I was with a client of mine who was suffering so painfully, her body aching and struggling just to move around – I pleaded with her to visit Jan – but she said it was too far to travel.  I pointed out that 2000 years ago people would journey for days to come into the presence of a guy called Jesus –because they knew He had the gift of miracles and healing.  Well ok – Jan is no Jesus (and wouldn’t pretend to be) but she does have a great gift to share and does so with total sincerity, understanding and commitment.

Totally recommended

Rob Harris


Jan has treated me about 5 times now, I don't know  much about Shiatsu but I know that it works for me.NurtureRESIZED I have suffered from bad  periods all my life. Last treatment I had she worked on this problem and every  since I have had no pains, or PMT or headaches like I used to have.

Jan has also worked on other problem areas that I have, and I always feel alive and able to tackle the world after my  treatments!  She has a very nice, calming energy, and is totally  professional, yet approachable.  I felt no embarrassment discussing my  health issues with her.

I cannot praise Jan highly  enough.


"This was my first Shiatsu experience, and the beneficial affects were similar to those I'd experienced through acupuncture, but without the needles. I'd sought out Shiatsu as my backache was worsening and I was going through a heightened period of stress, so I wanted a treatment that could address both these potentially interlinked issues. During and after the treatment I felt a great sense of calm and was more energised, and experienced an ongoing improvement with my backache.

I really appreciated Jan's ability to connect and listen to your body, and to talk through the possible reasons for my ailments afterwards. It was quite a spiritual experience, and Jan gauged each session to what I wanted from it. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who needs some work restoring themselves."

Becky, 30’s


“Shiatsu from Jan Murphy of Zenki has been the key factor in my recovery from stress related depression and narcotic addiction.
The effects of Shiatsu were almost immediate for me and treatments have enabled me to lift to a level whereby I have been able to take back control and begin to restructure my life in a healthy and confident manner. Shiatsu has been life changing for me and I would not hesitate to recommend its benefits to anyone.”

charlotte - 40’s


"I had a course of treatments from a Zenki practitioner after my GP referred me to a pain clinic. My scepticism was answered the day I realised I no longer needed my walking stick, soon afterwards I ceased needing painkillers and was also able to reduce my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) medication. I now have treatments every month or two
to maintain my more mobile and pain-free life."

Mark - 30’s


I really enjoyed my Shiatsu experience, I felt I was in safe hands and very professionally cared for. Perhaps best of all, the treatment itself really substantially helped to alleviate the pain I've been carrying around in my left shoulder for a good few years. Afterward, I had much more movement in my arms and neck, and it felt like a weight had literally been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much.

C, Female, 30


Its odd I suffer from loads of headaches, but haven't had a bad one since my treatment Can't wait till the next Shiatsu!

I, Female, 30’s


I can personally testify to this type of treatment. It's relaxing, non-stressful, non-invasive, and had for me, a lovely purifying effect. I've no idea how it works, but i felt wonderful afterwards. A while back I had all the usual signs of the early stages of a cluster headache and Shiatsu managed to send it packing.

J, Male, 40’s


The Shiatsu treatment is very relaxing and seems to have a cleansing effect on the mind which lasts and lasts. My chiropractor has even commented on the beneficial treatment to my shoulder injury. Jan is very good at ensuring the environment is safe and continually checks during the session that I am comfortable both physically and with the treatment itself. I would definitely recommend both Shiatsu and Jan!

Emily J, Female, 34