Z copy Prices

Most of the  treatments can be offered for either 30, 60 or even 90 minutes.  Cupping will last for 45 minutes. Ampuku for 30 minutes if asked for as a stand alone treatment..

Ear Acupuncture lasts approximately 1 hour and costs from 35 (nb I am a student hence the low cost)

Gua Sha, Facial Cupping and Facial Acupuncture (or variations of these) costs from 55

Fee Structure:DSC_2489a

Prices vary as at times work from low cost clinics.

Do read more about Jan Murphy’s Health Scheme as this is truly inspirational and gives you focus towards your desired goal and outcome,

Contact Jan at Zenki to discuss personalised treatment plans


Jan Murphy MRSS is about to start at a Twickenham Clinic - more coming on this.

Jan Murphy MRSS @ South Kensington every Mon, Thursday and Saturday

Do get in touch with Reception for booking and prices.


Jan Murphy MRSS @ Finsbury Park every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month

This is a low cost clinic for those unable to afford my other clinic’s. I like to make sure Shiatsu reaches all those that need it.

For those who are able to pay a little more, (honesty is key), this is very well received.. The fee you pay is entirely up to you and can vary from time to time. The minimum charge is 27 per session.

The setting is the British School of Shiatsu-Do, Finsbury Park, N7 (a very lovely place, you will enjoy).


Jan Murphy MRSS @ Chelsea Clinic

Jan Murphy MRSS is now offering 30 min, 1 hour and 90 min treatments. 

Are you a Mother who would really be in need of Shiatsu when your child is at school?  You would perhaps enjoy being able to relax for that 90 min appointment.

Business people, however, are at work most of the day so would be able to slot in that 30 min well deserved Shiatsu that you keep putting off?

Local business people, you know where I am - yes that’s right, just around the corner - don’t neglect your health.

I look forward to treating you all.

Chelsea offers a Low Cost Clinic - This clinic has limited availablity

Jan Murphy MRSS wishes to inform you that at The Chelsea Natural Health Clinic there are limited spaces at a Low Cost Clinic she runs. There is a waiting list for this so do make sure you email in advance.

In these difficult times, it is only fair, (especially as we need Shiatsu and stress relieving bodywork more) that it is affordable to all.

If you are wishing to attend this clinic. the pricing will be 60 mins for 45 and 30 mins for 35. I do so hope this helps you and allows you to try the wonders of Shiatsu and Japanese Bodywork.

For further information contact Jan@Zenki.co.uk or ring 0788 6655 705 for a chat.