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Treatment Options for everyone
Try our Pick n Mix selection and experience a little more than usual. I rather like that at cinema’s - why not apply it here to nourish yourself.

We at Zenki offer a range of treatments.  Some are combined with Traditional Shiatsu sessions and some can be received as treatments in their own right.


Zen Shiatsu
This is the basic and most popular form of shiatsu. It is ideal for general Shiatsu3RESIZEDwellbeing, as well as being able to address specific complaints (issues with digestion, menstruation, headaches, stress, tension, aches and pains, postural problems to name only a few!). We will use stretching and traction, apply pressure on points with thumbs, fingers knees or elbows, massage and manipulate muscles and joint depending on what is needed.


Sports ShiatsuRESIZEDSports Shiatsu
This is ideal for anyone who partakes regularly in sporting activity and would like a general maintainence treatment to help prevent injuries and improve performance due to increased flexibility or range of motion. Treatments can also be tailored for rehabilitation after injury.



Shiatsu for Pregnancy & Childbirth
Ideal for all stages of pregnancy and can even bPregnancy1RESIZEDe used in childbirth.
It can help with general aches and pains such as back ache, swollen ankles, morning sickness, tiredness. We can also provide exercises to prepare you for labour as well as run joint sessions with your partner to show them techniques which you can use at home or in labour. Shiatsu is also useful for treating any fertility problems.


Cranial2RESIZEDCranial Sacral Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of a physiological body system called the CranioSacral system.

The treatment itself involves the application of very light forces applied by the therapist's hands. Limbs may be picked up and moved gently and slowly as the body tissues are allowed to 'unwind' themselves.

Facial ShiatsuRESIZED1

Chinese Facial Massage

A Shiatsu facial is also known as a ‘holistic facelift’ and it utilises acupressure points around the face and head and can benefit the skin, eyes, sinuses and when combined with a neck and shoulder treatment it can be extremely relaxing.


This involves deep pressure around the abdomen, or belly area. It connects directly to all your body systems and helps to boost your immune system and create a feeling of well-being. It is a extremely relaxing and peaceful treatment. If done on a regular basis it can create inner harmony both physically and mentally.


We can provide both western and eastern nutritional advice ranging from devising meal suggestions, helping you plan for everyday needs to recommending foods as ‘medicine’ to help with any presenting complaints.