Natural Cough Syrup

I come across this incredible cough syrup, recommended by a nutritionist. I found myself with this horrible bug that’s been going around and an annoying cough so I decided to try this out for myself and the results were incredible.

I will share the ingredients and how they operate below and hope that you share it with others so that they never need to buy shop cough syrups again.



A small mixing bowl
A container to hold the final product in
A mixing spoon
Honey (or better yet, Manuka honey) – a study at Penn State College of Medicine concluded that honey can work better to cure a cough than over-the-counter drugs as it helps sooth and coat irritated membranes
Ginger (fresh or ground) – spicy ginger works as an expectorant, helping loosen and expel mucous from the lungs
Pepper excellent for coughs as it helps chest congestion and mucous
Thyme (fresh or ground) – as well as having anti-microbial properties, it also relaxes the muscles of the trachea and bronchi, opening up the airways


1.    Mix 8 tbsp of honey with 3 tbsp of boiling water
2.    Add in thyme, pepper and ginger (add 1.5 tsp of each)
3.    Whisk quickly for roughly two minutes or until the texture is even and consistent.

This can keep for several weeks in a cool, dry location and in a well sealed container. The quantity above will get you through quite a few days and after that you can make another batch if needed.

**NOTE: although it may not sound delicious, I actually very much enjoy the taste. The spicy ginger mixed with the sweet honey tastes lovely. The pepper and thyme add a lovely warmth too. If it still isn’t to your taste, you could try adding a few squeezes of lemon.

I recommend taking 3-5 teaspoons a day, but you can take as little, or as much, as needed.


I found this recipe on Instructables website.