Question_MarkRESIZEDWhat should I expect from a treatment?

Treatments are different for everyone but all will start with taking a full medical history from both an oriental and western perspective.

Traditional Shiatsu involves using pressure, stretching, holding, releasing and deep energetic massage techniques. The principles of Shiatsu mean that we will vary the pressure and techniques as is needed/required and suitable for your age and body.

What should I wear?

Shiatsu is given fully clothed so please wear loose, warm clothing and it’s always rather lovely (for me) to have clean socks.

How many treatments will I need?

Every condition is different.  Every person is unique so it is difficult to say exactly how many treatments you will need.
As a rough guide, for chronic conditions, 4 or 6 weekly or fortnightly treatments are usually needed to see some benefit.
For more acute conditions, or just general health and well being, a monthly Shiatsu will be just fine.

What are methods of payment

I welcome visa, debit cards, BACS (in advance) and cash.

Can you visit me?

I prefer that you visit me in my clinic’s, for your benefit as much as mine. Many distractions can be found at home and I find the receiver is able to switch off when in a clinic setting.

Saying this, if this isn’t possible and you are not too far away, I am sure with an added fee for time and expenses, we can organize something to suit us both.

Should you be disabled and not able to leave your home, then I will be sure to work something out for you.

I have a serious illness, will Shiatsu help?

If you are very concerned, I always recommend you check with your GP first to see whether it is advisable to receive bodywork. As yet, I haven’t found it unhelpful for most conditions but I am not a Doctor as you are aware.

Please feel free to talk with me beforehand, if you wish, to let me know your illness, it may be that I can devise a treatment plan. Please be aware that Shiatsu is NOT a replacement for western medicine.

When is Shiatsu contraindicated?

Shiatsu is not appropriate if you feel you are feverish. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Have an infectious disease. Have any open wounds (please inform me if you do).
Do also share if you are pregnant, especially in the early stages, just so I can  be aware and treat you accordingly.

You haven’t answered my question

Feel free to contact me with any other questions.