What’s difference between Massage & Shiatsu?

What is the difference between Massage and Shiatsu? Have you been wondering?

I thought I would share this article to explain the difference between having a massage and receiving Shiatsu therapy.

With massage, you are mostly naked and in some cases oils are used. You may go in with a particular issue you wish treated out or you go merely to relax with the intention of switching off.

With massage, a few questions may be asked depending on the therapist and then the treatment begins. From experience, most therapists follow a routine that addresses the physical body alone which for some is what they seek.

Massage and Shiatsu have their place most definitely.

I’d like to share with you some of the differences between Shiatsu and Massage and share my passion for Shiatsu and its interesting history.

During a Shiatsu session, you are traditionally fully clothed. No oils are used and it’s used for particular physical and emotional symptoms your body is displaying and to tweak you energetically (to put it simply). Many of my clients come regularly as it boosts their focus in business, work and study.

Firstly I will state that it is a complementary therapy that has existed for over 3,000 years. I spent years when studying attuning my hands/feelings to hear what is happening within the body. Touch and intuition is very important with Shiatsu. One can eventually become so sensitive that you can pick up pain/tightness and even deep seated wounds in the fascia of the person you are working with.

I have received feedback such as “it feels like I have just had my whole body listened to” and “it’s like you are psychic and go straight to my pain without me saying a word”.

For this reason alone, receiving this level of listening can be a very deep and healing experience. Being heard is one of the most important experiences we can have in our lives and I would be honoured to share that experience with you.

An in-depth medical history is taken on the first consultation, which is firstly understood from a Western perspective and then treated from an Eastern viewpoint.  Shiatsu like Acupuncture is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or OM (Oriental Medicine).

Like Acupuncture, acupoints are used and meridians assisted to get a smooth flow of Chi or Ki (life force/energy). Acupuncturists use needles and Shiatsu therapists use touch via pressing with fingers, hands or knees and deep listening to the acupoint and body until the quality changes before moving along with the treatment.

I would say many may be sceptical at first but I have seen people’s minds change and open up to the wonders of Shiatsu or it may really resonate and call you.

I am so proud and honoured to have shared so many clients journeys throughout my career.

Hopefully I have shared my passion for Shiatsu and you will feel inspired to share this beautiful journey with me.

Do feel free to contact me with any related questions

Jan Murphy (MRSS) (MTBCCP)